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Network discovery and replicator

You may setup "LAN records" for scanning and HostMonitor or RMA will find all systems in the LANs. HostMonitor and Remote Monitoring Agents will scan selected networks in background and update database when any changes detected. At any time you may open "Network map" window and see up to date map of your network.

Network map Network map window shows all hosts within selected LAN, cells color and icon depends on host properties, so you can easily identify Windows and Unix systems, CISCO routers, Apple devices, Printers, etc.

If there are some test items related to selected host, HostMonitor will group all test items related to this device and set special host color (yellow or red) when any test related to the host has "unknown" or "bad" status accordingly.

Most commands work similar to same commands available in main HostMonitor window however there are some distinctions. For example when you create new test using Network Map window, HostMonitor automatically sets agent and target host fields, SNMP Profile for SNMP related tests, etc. Also HostMonitor highlights menu items if target host supports protocols necessary for such test (e.g. "Add"->"SNMP Get" item will be highlighted when target host supports SNMP protocol). HostMonitor gray out menu items when target host does not support protocols necessary for the test or such test for target host already created.
"Find" operation allows you to find specific host using simple search for IP address or hostname. Also you may use advanced search with expressions like ("Windows 5" in "%OS%") and ("%WMI%"=="ON")

Copy preview Built-in Replicator allows to replicate selected set of tests for many target hosts. It may create new folders, set variables, adjust test settings. For example you may select some host using "Network map" window, choose "Copy" item from popup menu, adjust some test settings and tell HostMonitor to create the same set of tests for each system with enabled WMI service in - IP range (using expression like ("%WMI%"=="ON") and ("%IP%">="") and ("%IP%"<="")

Adjust test settings automatically option tells HostMonitor to adjust some settings according to target host OS and detected protocols. E.g. if you copy CPU Usage test from Windows to Linux host, HostMonitor may change testing mode from "Windows (RPC)" to "UNIX (SNMP)"; also HostMonitor may change SNMP profile specified for the tests; change OS property for Memory tests; adjust Drive Free Space tests for Windows, UNIX or NetApp devices and so on.

Preview tool will show network map with highlighted target hosts. You may switch back to "Test params" page if you want to change something, you may start cloning procedure or you may cancel entire operation.

Network Discovery and Replication great combination, it's pretty easy to create thousand new test items for entire LAN or find some systems that are not monitored by HostMonitor yet.

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