Advanced Host Monitor v14 - x64

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Advanced Host Monitor v14 - x64

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We have Beta version of HostMonitor x64.

Its not available to everyone and its not needed by everyone, for most of customers x86 (32bit) version works more efficiently and uses less memory.
On the other hand, if you have over 100,000 test items plus a lot of remote RCC operators or 1000+ Active RMA agents connected to HostMonitor, then you may need x64 version. It may use over 2GB memory and in some cases works faster.


Active Script test does not work in 64-bit mode because Microsoft does not offer 64-bit version of msscript.ocs. You may use Shell Script test method instead.

ODBC related tests, SQL Query action, ODBC logging: if you are using such options, you need to install x64 version of appropriate ODBC driver and setup ODBC datasources using 64-bit ODBC Data Source Administrator (just like you did for x86 ODBC drivers BUT this time do NOT use x86 version of Data Source Administrator in SysWOW64 "folder")

3 actions not implemented in x64 version:
- Send message to pager action
- Send message to beeper action
- Send SMS (GSM) action

You don't need to replace Passive or Active RMA agents with x64 version.
You may use any combination of tools (from the same version of the package), e.g.
- RMA x86 with HostMonitor x64
- RMA x86 with HostMonitor x86
- RMA x64 with HostMonitor x86
- RMA x64 with HostMonitor x64

If you would like to try it, please contact support team by e-mail
(HostMonitor menu Help->Support)

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